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    Your "Crooki" Mule Deer hunt takes place in the remote and
awesome badlands of the Northern State of Coahuila in Old

   This is some of the most rugged and desolate desert terrain
you will find in Old Mexico and that's where you have to go and
brave the elements in order to find these tough Mulies!

   We conduct all of our Mule Deer hunts on private and
free-range land. Some of the mature buck we have harvested had
racks sporting 25 - 30 inch inside spreads with 3 - 5 points per

   These desert dwellers of the rough and beautiful Coahuila
landscape are truly majestic trophies in their own class which
offer the beginner - or advanced - Mule Deer hunter a unique
and challenging hunt which can, more than often, make an
exceptional trophy wall mount!
    Our population of Crooki Mule Deer is not high - as one can imagine from such an arid ecosystem - nevertheless,
our guides are experienced and have learned the techniques so that our hunters are able to see their fair share of bucks.
On a typical 5 day hunt, a hunter may have the opportunity to see about 10 bucks with 50% of them being mature Deer.

   Our hunting methods are spot and stalk and truck driving "safari style" with high racks. We drive or hike to a good
vantage point where a couple of miles can be seen at one time while glassing the hillsides and flats. Only after a good
buck is spotted do we make a move from our vantage point for the final stalk.

Our CROOKI Mule Deer hunt is all-inclusive and absolutely nobody is going hungry on our watch!