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          Through the Outfitters Association Federation and the National Diversified Cattleman's Association in
    México,  we have gained the support and understanding of our Army and Customs Departments for the
    development of new and efficient procedures in paperwork, such as the issuance of gun import and
    transportation permits, and hassle free inspections, for the hunting industry.

        As long as you are met at the border station or are in contact with your LICENSED and REGISTERED
    Outfitter in México, you are practically guaranteed to have a quick and hassle free inspection and gun check in
    & out.

        In my particular case, I am honored to have a good relationship with both our Army and Customs
    Departments, as well as our Local and State authorities.

        As long as we do all our paperwork by the book, they have no reason whatsoever to hassle us, much less
    detain us.

        Checking guns in & out of México for hunting purposes is easier than ever & basically goes as follows:

    1) We set the date for your hunt,

    2) At least 30 business Days in advance of the date of your hunt I need:

A copy of your photo ID or Drivers License,

Your complete address and telephone number,

The make, model, caliber and serial number of your guns. Accuracy in this information is a must.

$450.00 (Four hundred & fifty dollars) which cover the following:

Non-resident hunting visa,
Non-resident hunting permit,
Non-resident permit for temporary import of  guns,
Non-resident permit for transportation of guns,
Non-resident hassle-free customs inspection,
Non-resident hassle- free army inspection of guns.   

    Please keep in mind the following facts:

Prices for gun permits and game tags are subject to change without notice.

You may purchase up to 800 more rounds of ammo for shotguns and/or some rifle calibers in México. By
law, you cannot transport the ammo yourself, it must be transported for you by a LICENSED &
REGISTERED Outfitter in México.

You can ONLY cross TWO long guns (either rifles or shotguns or one of each, and up to 100 rounds for
each gun) ! ! Absolutely no handguns ! !

       All of the above may sound like a lot but actually, I take care of all the documents before you arrive so in
    reality they are only handed to you once we check in your guns at the border customs station, (an army rep
    will check that your gun serial number is the same on your gun as on your gun permit, signs and stamps the
    document, and that’s it ! ) which is really a NO - HASSLE 10 to 20 minute inspection, and I am with you every
    step of the way.

    Straight shots,

   - Alberto Valdes Fisher
   Licensed Mexico Outfitter #196
   Owner - Chupadero Ranch Outfitters
   SCI Master Measurer #2220