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           Carmen Mountain deer are in a class all by their
    own, and are now a recognized category in the Safari
    Club International Record Book, being endemic to the
    Sierra del Carmen Mountains and surrounding Mountain
    Ranges, like the famous “Burro Mountain Range”.

           These smaller elusive Carmen Mountain whitetail
    deer subspecies sport racks in the 90” – 130” range and
    are known locally as the “ghost of the desert” for their
    small size and coat color that blends perfectly and
    naturally into the desert and canyon background where
    they range, making them a true challenge to hunt, even
    though you will be seeing about 5 – 8 bucks a day.
           The first Carmen Mountain deer was formally
    described in 1940 from a specimen collected, by J. M.
    Dealy in October of 1939, in the “Botellas” Canyon, in
    the Sierra del Carmen Mountain Range in the State of
    Coahuila in Old Mexico. [Ecology of the Carmen
    Mountains Deer, Krausman, Ables, 1981]

           The Carmen Mt. Deer, distinctly in their own class,
    can be described as follows:

  •        A “good” Carmen Mt. Deer will score between 80 –
    85 SCI or B&C (gross) points,

  •        An “exceptional” Carmen Mt. Deer will score
    between 85 – 99 SCI or B&C (gross) points and,

  •        Any Carmen Mt. Deer over 100 SCI or B&C (gross)
    points is considered “World Class”. With any buck
    scoring over 120, being exceptional!

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Bruce Keller -
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Gary Ingersoll -
1991 Weatherby
Award Winner.
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